Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Nassau, Bahamas 25º45.34N | 77º19.088W

Provisioning is such a conundrum for us as first-time cruisers. When we left North Carolina, our philosophy was, "people eat everywhere, don't over-provision." As we headed south, everyone we met who had cruised in the Bahamas told us, "cram your boat with as much food as it will hold." Apparently once we get to the out islands, provisions are few and expensive.

We stocked up marginally along the way. I was craving a last-minute shopping spree in Miami, which I never indulged. I regretted it immediately. We'll see how things turn out.

My biggest concern is that we will be having guests on board for at least two weeks. Our daughter, Casey, and her boyfriend Remi from France will be joining us in the Exumas. I don't even know how to provision for two, much less four!

We pulled out all the food we have onboard to judge what we needed in Nassau.

Wow, I don't look like I'm having fun, do I?
The high cost of provisions in Nassau has been well-covered in the blogosphere, including recently by our friends on Kaleo.

In an effort to mix it up, I thought I'd show you some of the things that are actually the same price or cheaper here.

The grocery store near the marina is well-stocked and not as expensive as I imagined. Okay, that Fanta soda is a little pricey! You just have to be selective. Our friend Annie tells us if it's about double the price we pay at home, it's a good deal.

Price aside, I'm hoping for one last trip for fresh produce when we pick the kids up on Sunday.

Nassau, Bahamas 25º45.34N | 77º19.088W

Beautiful "hardware" store in Nassau.

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