Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Lee Stocking, Exumas 23º46.28N | 76º06.32W

Clouds reflected on the still water, sand showing underneath.
As we pass through island after island, I have come to realize that "favorite" is a relative term. Lee Stocking, for now, has sprung to the top of my list, and I'm guessing it might stay there for a while. The sheer magnitude of its vistas from Perry's Peak, the highest point in the Exumas, might be enough on its own, but the purity of the water, the powdery-white sand, the sweeping, coconut-laden palms, the red starfish, paradise.

Underwater shot of red starfish, the size of a dinner plate.

The path to Perry's Peak, highest point in the Exumas.
123 feet if I remember correctly.

Looking northeast from atop Perry's Peak. Is it just me or does this look like Hawaii?

Clouds reflect on perfectly still water looking south on Lee Stocking.

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