Thursday, May 12, 2011


Governor's Harbor, Eleuthera 25º11.7N | 76º14.8W

Governor's Harbor, Eleuthera
In our ship's log, next to the coordinates in Chip's heavy scrawl it says simply, "COME BACK."

Unfortunately the charts are correct when they say this harbor has poor holding.

It's lovely here but not somewhere we can stay during the windy patch of weather heading our way, so we used up every hour available to drink in the beauty here.

Our timing has coincided gladly with the cacophonous colors of spring.

We wish we could stay and drink in more of this village, but we will pick up a lightly set anchor and move on, one hop up to Alabaster Bay before sailing to Spanish Wells.

Goodbye, Governor's Harbor. We will be back one day.

I call it Plumeria. They call it Frangipani.
Chance meeting ashore with Dale & Karen.

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