Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Miami Beach, FL 25º47.239N | 80º08.847W -- ish

Christmas is coming!
We have maintained a love/hate relationship with Miami Beach and this anchorage. It is prime territory. We are anchored -- for free -- a few hundred yards from people who pay millions of dollars for the same view and amenities. However, we have re-anchored almost every day we've been in South Beach -- all for different reasons. The wee-hour move put us in a whirlpool that made me nervous, constantly spinning us at odd angles to the other boats.

Then we moved too far out. Then we moved closer. Then Chip got sick.

Rallying to meet Jessie Marie.
A bit of a storm blew through, so we spent several days without leaving the boat to let Chip recuperate from a flu bug that has really knocked him out.

The lovely little canal that runs by town is convenient, although their idea of a "dinghy dock" is a chain strung in mud that you can tie onto. We've gotten quite creative in tying and locking the dinghy to palm trees, usually with an iguana watching.

Lincoln Road is where the glitz and glam of Miami come to sparkle and where the merchants attempt to strip you of valuables as you pass. It's hard to eat or drink or be merry without feeling fleeced. Case in point: A $17 Mojito at an otherwise ordinary street cafe. Gasp.

As a final volley from this mixed-bag of an anchorage, a huge power boat passed us at high speed sending a huge wake right at our beam. Cara Mia rolled a good 30 degrees each way, maybe more. A full bottle of wine jumped off the kitchen counter and shattered on the galley floor. Red wine and glass shards sprayed everywhere, and wine seeped all down into the hatches under the kitchen floor. Grrrr.

Despite all this, we have enjoyed our time here. I guess you'd call it a cove half full.

Tomorrow, we're off to the peaceful moorings of Coconut Grove where we can once again

  • loiter at our favorite Cuban coffee spot with Jessie Marie, who hasn't left for Cuba yet,
  • have a warm and cozy Coconut Grove Christmas,
  • ring in the New Year and my birthday at our dear little French restaurant Le Bouchon.
Christmas Countdown: 10 days!


  1. I think this is a very sweet entry, with trials and movement and a horizon at the end to chase after. I'm smiling.

  2. So true as the cruising world turns. Good days & bad but this is life anywhere. We to had our boat cabin turned upside down in peaceful Peck Lake after a lovely walk on the ocean beach where Joe found his 1st. hamburger bean so exciting! Who knew a sportfish would come plowing thru on what we thought would be a peaceful evening at anchor as like you red wine everywhere, BIGGG MESS. Joe got on the vhf and yelled at the guy, I then got on and said "better yet come back and clean my boat up, click click of the mic.... coward!!!!

  3. @John: Thanks for smiling. :-)
    @anonymous: Hi Joe and Deb! The jerks are never on the VHF...

  4. Oh how I wish I'd known you were in Miami. I'd have told you to anchor in Sunset Lake where one of the residents makes it his life to try and chase cruisers away. He thinks we're all perverts and that we have no right to anchor in front of his house. We made his life miserable for three days. I hope to someday get back there.