Monday, April 23, 2012


Chip and I have lived together on our 38' sailboat for more than two years. It has never felt small, cramped or even snug. Shocking, really, eh?

But now that I've started working 4-8 hours a day, our boat has grown mysteriously Lilliputian.

First, there is really nowhere to sit that is ergonomically correct or acceptably comfortable for that long. Could somebody please invent a boat friendly office chair? (My posture in that photo is not as bad as you think! We were underway and heeled over.)

Second, we have three separate rooms, a salon (shown) and two bedrooms. Neither bedroom has seating, which leaves me to work in the main cabin where our whole life takes place: cooking, eating, playing music, talking on the phone, entertaining, being us. All of that is great. None of that is conducive to working.

I'll be deep in thought, tapping out some sentence that sounded fabulous, earth shattering when inside my brain, and Chip will, quite kindly, ask me if I'd like some guacamole. AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

Solutions being pondered. 


  1. Seems like guacamole is the problem here. And I can't sit still even in the "perfect" desk chair, fwiw.

    1. PS. I had to look up Lilliputian. Although the meaning was clear, this is a word I have never used.

  2. Hi Tammy - we "installed" as small table for the PC under the normal table. It can be removed and stowed under the cushions. But the best is, if you fold the laptop you can keep it there even if you use the normal table. For us it was a great improvement to work. See some pic's here: