Thursday, May 24, 2012


Lake Boca, FL 26º20.684N | 80º04.420W

When we are in one place for more than a few days, a real lethargy seeps into my bones, the longer the stay, the deeper it seeps. At some point, natural law takes over, and inertia seems to turn up the gravity under my feet. Even the boat gets sluggish, weighted down, the bottom, the rudder and the prop start looking like a dang chia pet. The anchor chain grows heavy with slimy green algae. I guess that's what happens to my psyche: it gets green slime all over it. Ick.

It takes real focus to shake it off and get underway again, but I have to admit, I'm an addict, completely hooked on a drug called 'movement.'

Moving the boat a few hundred yards is enough for my drug-of-choice to kick in, filling me with energy, hope, optimism, industriousness, adrenaline, creativity. Any lingering lethargy is left behind with the algae in that slimy patch of water. Everything's fresh again.

Before getting underway, we put the boat in order, stowing loose objects, getting out the tools of piloting, raising and securing the dinghy. When all these minor chores are done, it's like having a packed suitcase by the door with your passport sitting on top. It reeks of readiness and the promise of adventure.

The pouring rain in Fort Lauderdale could not deter us this morning. I raised the anchor with my slicker on, hosing a month of slime off the chain as it rolled in. The anchor came onboard with a glorious CLANK. I do love that sound. Chip pointed the bow north.

We're excited to visit great friends and destinations along the Florida coast on our way to Georgia, where we'll keep the boat safe from hurricanes for the season.

Our first stop tonight, Lake Boca, is a lovely spot where I only ran aground twice (!)(really just kisses) trying to enter. And with the anchor down, the ultimate reward of traveling by boat kicks in. The rain has moved offshore leaving us a perfect, cool evening ahead, energized and content from a day of travel, and we never left home! Our beautiful house is right downstairs -- no suitcase required.

Enjoying my last New Mexico treat.

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