Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Brunswick, GA

I can hardly believe it, but our month in Paris is now behind us. We arrived safely back to Cara Mia last Thursday. Our bags arrived on Friday. This might seem, at first glance, like a quel dommage (oh, bummer) moment. In fact, I was absolutely giddy about it.

We flew into Atlanta Wednesday, shuttled to a hotel, shuttled back to the airport Thursday morning to catch a Greyhound bus to Savannah. We had a lovely three-hour layover in the historic district, then a two-hour bus ride to Brunswick and a one-mile walk to the boat. You get the idea: All that travel with NO bags to carry! We were light as a feather and thrilled that our luggage spent an extra night in Amsterdam.

Delta delivered our bags to the dock, we threw them in a dock cart and wheeled them to the boat. A free service that should cost a premium!

I must admit that I enjoyed my month without blogging, the first break I've taken since I started blogging four years ago. However, my blogger's brain was fully active, so a month in Paris has left me with many stories and photos to share. This is how we'll do it:

Starting tomorrow, I will methodically post about our idyllic stay in Paris. These will be posted on the date they actually happened. At the top of the blog (here), I'll post links to the new posts, so you'll know they are down there somewhere. If you'd prefer, you can also sign up to receive automatic notifications via email by putting in your address over there on the left sidebar where it says, "Follow by email."

In the meantime, let me remind you about this month's Raft-Up, where many cruisers answer the same question. This month: Sailor or Traveler? Here are the links to all the posts. Enjoy!

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