Monday, June 9, 2014


St. Helena, CA

Our culture has some collective soft spot for bicycles. I guess it brings back all those warm memories from childhood, that first little burst of freedom and independence. Walking through Walmart pushing that little blue beauty felt like being in a Huffy ad. People were smiling, nodding, giving me the thumbs up.

"See you on the road," one guy called as I was wheeling it out.

In our pre-sailing life, we would have bought a second car, but we're still wallowing in the luxury of having just one. But since Chip's working at Silver Oak five or six days a week -- with the car -- he bought me a bike with his tip money. Lucky me!

And now that Napa Valley's getting its summer on, it's a welcome relief to wheel the groceries home.

Who needs fuel when you've got legs? And look at that happy girl.

Today, I'm so, so grateful for a blue bike -- with a basket and a cup holder!

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