Friday, November 12, 2010


Beaufort, SC 32º25.837N | 80º40.583W

 Waterfront walkway, Beaufort, SC.   ©Tammy Kennon

We belong to a small community now, a fun-loving little town that moves south with us. It's not unusual, walking down the street in a strange city, to hear our names called out.

All of us on the ICW move at our own pace, a giant game of leapfrog. One day we're out front, offering suggestions on anchorages, a few days later, we've lagged far behind, seeking tips from those now ahead. Our party line is Channel 16 on the VHF where daily we hear familiar boat names, familiar voices, water waves carrying us all south, airwaves keeping us in touch.

Our water community skews older than I would have thought. At 50 (me) and 53, we thought we were really old -- until we started cruising. The cruising population tends to be older, much older than we are. Some are traveling on sailboats, others have graduated to trawlers since they can no longer handle sails, but all inspiring for their embrace of life and living. Like grandparents, they cheer us on, as proud as if we were their own.

Along the way, we have met only three couples younger than we are, and tonight in Beaufort, us kids got together on Cara Mia.

Rebecca & Mike from Zero to Cruising.
Bill & Anna from Knot Tied Down.
The youngsters amongst the young at heart.

Beaufort, SC 32º25.837N | 80º40.583W

Lunch on the waterfront.
Off to do the laundry.             ©Tammy Kennon
Scenic Beaufort.          ©Tammy Kennon
South Carolina's glorious palms. ©Tammy Kennon

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