Wednesday, February 9, 2011


It occurs to me that some of you readers would like to do exactly what we're doing. What if you could cheat your way over here on a plane without selling all your possessions and spending months varnishing teak? Why didn't someone offer me that option? LOL

Our friends Eric and Annie on WeBeSailing finance their cruising by taking on charter guests in the Exumas, going to the same places you read about in this blog. They operate a have-it-your-way charter where you design your own trip. If all you want to do is gaze at starfish through shockingly clear water by day and at a million and three stars by night, fine. If you want to snorkel, dive, hunt, fish and swim on a different island every day, so be it. Either way, Eric will be your patient guide and Annie your magnificent chef. I know, because we've been fortunate to enjoy both.

Eric and Annie are filled with the joy of living and are constantly on the prowl for an excuse to laugh out loud, like way out loud. Eric has what a friend of ours calls a "Mount Everest laugh" that reverberates throughout the anchorage accompanied by Annie's sunset call on the conch shell.

Chef Annie in the galley with the ship's cat, Shellsea.
Captain Eric showing off his catch.
Their boat, WeBeSailing, is a character-filled (literally) Perry 60-foot Bermudian ketch with four master cabins that they have fitted out to reflect their quirky personalities. WeBeSailing flies under the skull and crossbones, complete with tiki torches, pirate costumes and a rockin' party deck out back that fills me with envy.

And you know what? Their charters are truly a bargain.

Tell Annie and Eric we sent you, even though there are no kickbacks other than knowing you too can experience the warm embrace of Annie and Eric and this amazing Bahamian sun.

Check 'em out:

Guest cabin.
Galley decor.
Annie's hand-laid tile in the shower. Yes, a shower, complete with HOT WATER!


  1. A tile floor in a sailboat?
    A djembe on the wall?
    A Mount Everest laugh?

    How could I not love these new friends of yours!

  2. PS The first photo in this entry is now my desktop background. =)

  3. OMG, you especially would love them! If you fly into Nassau when you come see us, you can meet them... THEN we could go to your desktop background, which, fyi, is in the haunted lagoon.