Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Staniel Cay, Exumas 24º10.656N | 76º26.602W
The famous Swimming Pigs of Big Majors Spot.
Staniel Cay is a bittersweet stop for us. The swimming pigs of neighboring Big Majors Spot have always snorted out to us, but this is also where Casey and Remi will fly back to Nassau ending their 16-day stay with us on Cara Mia.

Sweet -- for all of us -- is the fact that we can finally fill up with water and load up on some provisions, both much needed additions to our little flotilla. This was also the first stop with an actual restaurant where we indulged in $12 burgers and $5 beers.

Casey and Remi joined Pat and Mike, the brothers of the good ship Hartley, to hunt for lobster.

Pat, Remi, Mike and Casey
The men of Hartley and Cara Mia combined forces on a stormy night to craft a true feast including seafood pasta, lobster calzones and lobster pizza.

Pat and Mike, at 26 and 28, bought their own beautiful Toshiba 40 sailboat and are in the midst of an action-packed kiteboarding and surfing tour of the Bahamas. They generously included Casey and Remi in their local adventures. One afternoon when I hailed them, I was answered by an elderly boater who reported they were underneath her boat cleaning the bottom. Fine lads. We hope to see again soon in our travels.

Thunderball grotto made famous in the 1965 James Bond
movie Thunderball.  Photo by Remi Langlois
Pat and Casey under Thunder.  Photo by Remi Langlois
The flying brothers of Hartley (kite surfing).  Photo by Remi Langlois
Photo by Remi Langlois
Sixteen days is a long time for four people to share less than 300 non-square feet of space, but it is a testament to the temperament of our guests that we passed it with amazing harmony. Casey and Remi adapted to life onboard with ease, never complaining about the chores or vexations of boat life and running full speed with their youthful joie de vivre at the delights offered by it.

We left them at the Staniel Cay "airport" for a weepy ride back to the boat, waving madly when their plane passed over Cara Mia as we made our way out of Staniel Cay Yacht Club headed for a quiet night alone at Sampson Cay on our enormous, half empty boat.

Sampson Cay, Exumas 24º12.5N | 76º28.5W

Last stop in the Exumas, Casey holding the sweet, sweet gifts they left behind.

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