Thursday, November 17, 2011


St. Augustine, FL 29º53.747N | 81º18.607W

Silly boys.

After anchoring 6 miles outside of St. Augustine, Dale and Chip decided to have a sailing race into town -- in 5 knots of wind. Perhaps it was their way of extending our last trek together for a while.

And so we ghosted into the mooring field at 3 knots, taking a pleasant two hours for a 45-minute trip.

It's always thrilling to ride into St. Augustine, a cool city and home of our friends David and Barbara and their son Seth, who used to live in the Outer Banks. We have a lot of tales to tell.

Chip and I have traveled past the Tropic of Cancer and back since we saw them last fall.

Barb, to celebrate her 50th birthday, traveled from St. Augustine to San Francisco -- on a bicycle.

She dipped her tires in the Atlantic and biked solo across the entire country in less than two months to dip those same tires in the Pacific. Amazing. Inspiring. Fantastic.

You can read about it in her blog.

We compared notes on our unmechanized, slow-paced adventures, the joys of plodding oh so slowly through nature's grandeur, listening, feeling, breathing it in.

Kindred spirits.

Seth, David and Barbara at the end of the road.
*photos borrowed from Barb's blog.

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