Friday, November 4, 2011


Charleston, SC 32º47.34N | 79º55.47W


We hoped to sit out some stinky weather in Charleston, one of our favorite cities, and, in fact, we did. But then there came another one. Today, we planned to make an offshore, overnight jump to Florida. The colors said, oh no you won't!

That graphic, from, is the wind prediction, the more colorful, the more wind. You hope for some nice blues, in the 5-20 knot range. As you move up the rainbow, it might make for a pretty graphic but some nasty, nasty seas.

This morning's offshore report:

"Gale warning is in effect. Winds increasing to 40-45 knots with higher gusts. Seas 12-24 feet, increasing to 24 to 30 feet. Mariners may wish to alter their plans now."

Duh. That last statement was probably not necessary.

ICW and Beaufort, SC, here we come. We'll be watching for that wind and wave palette to go back to more soothing colors.

Charleston rocked, as always, and we were happy to see Ann and Joe on Short Walk, an Island Packet 40, pull in, last seen (by us) in Emerald Bay in Georgetown (Bahamas).

And welcome our new friends from this year's freshman class: Dan and Kath on Majiks. Hope to be seeing you on down the waterway!

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