Monday, August 19, 2013


Annapolis, MD

It's late August, and time to think about flying south for the winter. At least, my blog readers seem to be thinking about it, coming to me on Google searches for 'bahamas provisioning,' 'normans cay' and 'icw anchorages.' Let's make this easy.

I've created some new directories to help you find information and destinations around here.

  1. Places Along the ICW -- This is a Pinterest board with many of our hops down the ICW. Anchorages are not necessarily described but our coordinates are on the posts. Questions about cities or anchorages? Just ask.
  2. Bahamas Posts -- You don't have to search around, just use this Pinterest board to follow our track through the Bahamas. Bimini, Nassau, The Berries, Exumas, Abacos, Eleuthera and Long Island.
  3. Places We've Visited -- If you want a broader brushstroke of places we've travelled, including Paris and New York, you'll find a good visual reference with links on this board.
  4. And because I know you're looking, here's a link to my Bahamas Provisioning post recently and one earlier this year.
And, finally, if you need a boat to head south in, Cara Mia is for sale!

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