Friday, June 15, 2012


Brunswick, GA

Okay, that hurricane prep list is not going to be so long.

Here's what we've done:

Remove jib from furler
Removed jib sheets (and washed them)
Removed staysail
Tied down furlers (so they won't get blown up the stay)
Tied the furlers so the top piece can't spin
Pinned the bottom part of furlers, so they can't turn
Tied the main with sail ties under the sail cover
Tied the main outside the sail cover
Secured the dinghy on the davits and emptied it
Doubled up the dock lines

Things we didn't do:

Remove the main
We've been through two hurricanes with this boat, once taking off the main. Leaving it on wasn't bad. I did a survey of boats docked here and see that very few have taken off the main. Then I talked to Sherry in the office, who says we shouldn't worry much at all. They never have storms here. Knock on wood. If there's a storm coming while we're here, we might rethink this.

Remove the canvas
What?!?!? Yes, we are leaving our new Bimini and dodger on. If a storm is headed this way, the marina will take it off for us. Therefore, we can get the good sun and UV protection for the cockpit and maybe keep the cabin a little cooler, especially since we will be able to leave our two tiny hatches below the dodger open.

It seems the longer list is the one for leaving the boat. That list to come!

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