Monday, June 18, 2012


Tomorrow, we fly to Paris where we have rented an apartment for a month (much cheaper than you would think) just blocks away from where our daughter, Casey, and her boyfriend, Remi live. Our son, Dylan, will be spending the first week with us. All of us, together in Paris, walking around in a daydream.

It was a tough decision, but I am not taking my laptop. Gasp! Casey will let me use her computer occasionally. It's possible I will not share photos until we return. Bear with me!

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Until we talk again, don't forget to bookmark a few dreams of your own. Only bad things happen by accident. Good ones take lots of planning.

Living the dream.

In Paris this month.


  1. On vous attend !!!
    Avec les ombrelles, la redingote et le haut de forme que l'on croise à tous les coins de rues ici à Paris.