Saturday, June 16, 2012


Brunswick, GA

We had a lovely evening on Friday with brand new cruisers, Bill and Susan, on the Island Packet Grace docked next to us. They are setting off this fall for the Bahamas, so we went through charts, sharing great spots, just like others did for us two years ago.

When we got home, Chip said his cheek had started hurting during dinner. By Saturday morning it was swollen and terribly painful.

The doctor thinks it's an abscessed tooth. We'll see a dentist Monday morning to confirm. Antibiotics and Vicodin in the meantime.

We don't know anyone here in Brunswick and don't have a car. The health clinic is four miles away. I went into the marina lounge and asked the only person in there if she had a car. Carol and Dave on S/V LightHeart drove us to the clinic and then picked us up two hours later, wanting nothing in return.

That's how the sailing community works, give where you can, take when you need help.

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