Chip calls this photo he took in St. Augustine a self-portrait: sailboat, wine, children, harmonica playing, perplexed younger woman. (Okay, I made up that last one.)

We have Chip's parents to thank for his passion for sailing. No, they're not sailors but made him take sailing lessons as a kid on the Jersey shore. Sailing took deep root, over the years sprouting a dream that forms the foundation for our new life. In the 90s, he bought his first boat, a Balboa 26', and applied those sailing lessons in the Albemarle Sound. We later sold that Balboa and sailed the same sound in a Downeast 32' cutter we bought in 2003. Cara Mia, our Island Packet 380, is teaching us both about bluewater sailing.

A butcher's strike in New Jersey in the '80s launched an entire career for Chip. It's true. During the butcher's strike, Chip took a part time job at a grocery store, not butchering but selling wine while the wine guys chopped the meat. Thus began a 25+ year career in the wine and liquor business in New Jersey, New York and North Carolina, culminating with a wine shop we opened in 2005 as part of our 5-year plan to build, sell and sail. That 5-year plan took 5 years and 18 days from start to finish, and that wine shop, Chip's Wine & Beer Market in Kill Devil Hills, still thrives using Chip's name and face. He now consults with wine shops, and trains megayacht crews, retail and restaurant staff.

When I met Chip in 1997, his twins, Casey and Dylan, were 8 years old. We laughed and fumbled our way through band, soccer, track, birthdays and road trips. They are now so grown up and mature, it's hard to remember those giggly 8-year-olds, but we do. Chip passed on to them his thoughtful approach to life, his love of music and his adoration of water if not for sailing, but it's never too late.

In high school, he learned to play the harmonica and, unlike most of the things learned in high school, he took it on the road. That's right. For four years he traveled throughout the eastern U.S. playing harmonica, opening for familiar names such as Bob Dylan, Buddy Guy and the Allman Brothers. Slacker.

Chip still plays but now does so on the water instead of on the road. He goes in our aft cabin, dubbed "The Studio," to play, write and record music. Stay tuned. Good things to come.

@ friends' wedding in the Outer Banks

in Hope Town, Abacos

kayaking in France

Those twins @ 22 in Miami.

Those twins @ 23 in Paris.
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