Friday, July 1, 2011


Manteo, NC 35º54.636N | 75º40.145W
A serene Albemarle Sound welcomes us home.
"Manteo Waterfront Marina, Manteo Waterfront Marina, this is Cara Mia."

Even though we only traversed a well-worn path to the Bahamas and back, it feels like we're returning from a far-flung expedition, maybe even a circumnavigation.

"It looks small," Chip said, not in a gloating, I'm-so-big-now sort of way, but more from our habits of traveling 50+ miles per day. These shores, the Outer Banks and Roanoke Island, seem so close together now.

We pulled into the exact slip we left 8 months and 8 days ago, and into the arms of those waiting on shore.

So many people to see. So many stories to tell. Where do we start?

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