Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Coinjock, NC 36º21.06N | 75º56.8W

On a rising tide, we inched our way alone out of Zimmerman Marina Sunday morning in the skinniest of water, too antsy to wait for high tide. We skimmed through with millimeters to spare and turned south, thrilled to be moving again after 12 stationary weeks and hoping we remembered how to sail.

But we were not far down Mobjack Bay before all of us, we and Cara Mia, were sailing along in our old groove on a fresh breeze, a perfect fall day.

Jessie Marie sailing south on the Chesapeake.
As we sailed out of Mobjack Bay and into the Chesapeake Bay, as if by design, Cara Mia sailed effortlessly into place between friends, Jessie Marie, last seen in Manteo in July and Kajon, last seen in Miami in January.

Kajon sharing our patch of water.
Moments like this cannot be planned, but they must be celebrated. We cheered, took photos and shouted greetings, sailing along, side by each until we lost our breeze and motored on, Portsmouth-bound, where we would converge and then separate again, Kajon to the Dismal Swamp, Cara Mia and Jessie Marie to Coinjock, NC.
Kajon and Jessie, hand in hand.
Dale sailing his new dinghy Peony, nicknamed (by us) The Baby Jesus.

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