Saturday, January 7, 2012


Coconut Grove, Miami, FL 25º43.533N | 80º84.321W

Laundry or groceries? Likely some of each.
Laundry and grocery shopping are two time-consuming chores when you live afloat. We can't just jump in the car and run to the store. Neither can we throw a load of laundry in while cooking dinner.

However, we can make the most of our outings. Today's diversion, spotted by Chip, was a Cuban food truck, right on our route to the laundromat.

For only 5 bucks, we savored Cuban beans and rice with a fried egg on top and a side of plaintains.

Then off to sip Cuban coffee at our favorite laundromat while the washing machine did its work.

Now, why were we planning to leave Coconut Grove?

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