Thursday, July 19, 2012


Savannah, GA

Historic Savannah, a kind way to reenter the country.

While we were enjoying our three-hour tour of Savannah, I had three culture-shock moments that made me have a good laugh at myself.

First, as we were leaving the restaurant where we ate lunch, I had a near panic attack that I hadn't tracked down the waiter and said, "Merci. Au revoir," an obligatory courtesy when leaving any establishment in France.

Second, we popped into a coffee shop and an employee shouted, "Hello!" I thought, "Finally, someone who knows about proper greetings." I returned his greeting, and he said it again, louder, "HELLO." I thought he was getting a little too carried away when I realized he was saying, "We're closed."

Third, we left the coffee shop and walked to the corner. I said to Chip, "LOOK, macarons!"

Soap. Quel dommage.
To explain my confusion, here is a real macarons display:

The exquisite La Durée near Madeleine in Paris.
Curious about macarons? Here is everything you might want to know plus info about La Durée, where, I just now learned, these amazing clouds of French deliciousness were born.

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