Sunday, January 20, 2013


St. Augustine

As reported earlier, we gave the dinghy, aka Your Mom, a complete makeover. We seriously thought she was beyond repair, but after filling her with sealant and slathering her with paint, she's like a teenager again. And one month later, she's still holding air. Amazing.

Chip, with help from Dale, gave new meaning to "launching the dinghy." Karen and I pushed them off the top of the slide and, whoosh! The dinghy was launched.

Our next mission-critical step before setting off: try out the new motor, a Tohatsu 6HP (a big upgrade from the old 3.5). Check!

Getting the dinghy onboard always comes with a sense of expectation, nervous excitement, like having the car packed for vacation. A n t i c i p a t i o n.

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