Thursday, June 6, 2013


Charleston, SC

That little bout of seasickness on the overnight passage to Charleston was quickly forgotten when we tied up in our favorite marina next to our Norwegian friends on To Be.

The crew of To Be: Tina, August, Stian and Agnes
And then we saw the Spoleto Festival schedule! Spoleto is a 17-day arts and culture extravaganza, a non-stop binge of theater, dance, music, visual arts, opera, oh my.

The highlights of our cultural bath:
  • TWO Puccini operas
  • Celtic music performed in the enchanting Circular Church
  • Oedipus as performed by several British theater troops but adapted and directed by Steven Berkoff
  • The Other Mozart, a one woman show about Mozart's older sister, an amazingly talented musician. Why didn't she become famous as well? She was a girl. 
  • Paper Sculpture Exhibit. Outrageous stuff. The video in the link is just one of the exhibits.
  • Tropical Storm Andrea

Well, we were not expecting THAT, even though Chris Parker, weather guru, suggested it might happen.

The wind was supposed to blow along that arrow, at the tip of which was our marina, straight fetch out of the Atlantic. Other boats at the marina were spinning around, pointing bow into wind and waves. Thanks, but no. We bolted and docked where that A is on the upper right, a whole barrier island between us and the ocean. Barely felt it. 

It took a tropical storm to peel us out of there.

Bye, bye Charleston. You are awesome.

Amazing book sculptures

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