Friday, April 25, 2014


St. Helena, CA

Our driveway.
I miss living aboard when …
  1. I find, once again, there is no turquoise water outside.
  2. the animals out there are cats and dogs instead of dolphins and starfish.
  3. I hear people use words all wrong, like 'swell' and 'anchored.'
  4. I see the same thing outside the window -- day after day.
  5. someone asks me where I'm from, and I have an answer.
  6. the neighbors are annoying, and I can't pick up the anchor and move.
  7. people judge me by clothes and makeup and whether I brush my hair.
  8. I don't hear friendly voices on the radio.
  9. I have to wear shoes.
  10. I don't step into the cockpit in the morning and feel the fresh, salty breeze against bare skin.
I'm happy to be on dry land when ....
  1. I go entire days without using the verb 'pump.'
  2. I take a shower without wearing shoes.
  3. my bedroom remains perfectly still and quiet -- all night.
  4. the radio plays music.
  5. I only check the weather for wardrobe purposes.
  6. people no longer suspect me of stealing toilet paper.
  7. I remember there's no crap under my bed.
  8. I don't smell anything.
  9. after a long, hot shower, I sink into a poofy bed with clean sheets.
  10. I have no underlying sense of impending doom when a glorious storm front marches overhead.

Today, I am grateful for: Napa Valley clouds.


  1. These are SO true for me! My favorites are Miss: #5 and Happy: #1. We sold the boat, Tammy! Got the wire from Panama just today. We own less today than we did yesterday. So this post, which I saw on Facebook, was perfectly timed. Now I've caught up on your blog a little - my goodness, when did 9 ways to not look like a cruiser fall off the most popular posts list?!

    1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That's great news. Someone is looking at our boat today, so maybe there's something in the air. And, I changed the specs for most popular posts to "this week" instead of "all time." It's still second. :-)

    2. HOPE HOPE HOPE I will send positive vibes in Cara Mia's direction - Re: look like a cruiser :) HA.