Saturday, December 6, 2014


St. Helena, CA

Christmas is a great opportunity to put some serious jolly into our little cottage, but with our commitment to staying small and living clutter-free, we wanted to get just enough to be merry and bright without accumulating a bunch of stuff that had to be stored for 11/12 of the time.

The solution: Get small. Here's how the whole show -- on a placemat:

Three boxes of miniature ornaments, two boxes of lights, two boxes of candy canes, two pairs of Christmas socks and one Santa hat. Now add one tree.

Clothespins and gift bags for Chip's advent calendar.
And then a serious wrapping party. Santa has to get to work early when his kids live in foreign countries. Christmas socks for everyone!

TODAY, I'm grateful for holiday cheer and wrapping love in boxes.

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  1. Nice. Many years we've just created a tree shape with Christmas cards tacked to the wall. So few people send out cards anymore, I don't think we can do that now.