Friday, February 25, 2011


Black Point, Exumas 24º6.04N | 76º24.12W

Looking west from Regatta Point in Black Point.

After weeks of tooling around on deserted islands and those barely inhabited, we have landed in Black Point rumored to have a population of less than 200, but still the second largest town in the Exumas after Georgetown.

My first experience of this kind gathering of Bahamians came on our first day at anchor. I've been carrying a wifi antenna for our friends Mike and Rebecca on Zero to Cruising since Miami, expecting to catch up with them in the Exumas before they head south, but because of our hapless dawdling that is looking doubtful.

Black Point post office.
"Black Point anchorage. I'm looking for a boat heading for Georgetown that is willing to carry a small package to another boat there. Please hail Cara Mia."

Immediately a Bahamian man hailed and asked me to switch channels.

"Go to the government dock and ask for Officer Kevin Rolle. He is leaving in an hour and will help you out."

The friendly guy who greeted us at the dock turned out to be Officer Rolle himself. He was not only willing to take the antenna but seemed delighted to do so, promising to hand it off to Elvis in BarreTerre who would then take it to Georgetown and hail Mike on the VHF.

Me and Officer Kevin Rolle.
As Mike reports from the other end, Elvis, who is the Elizabeth Harbor Harbormaster, is alive and well in Georgetown -- and so is the Bahamian Kindness Network. Good, good souls here.

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