Sunday, February 6, 2011


Highborne Cay, Exumas 24º43.007N | 76º49.835W

Having fully used up the offerings of Highborne, we made a 4 1/2 hour hop to Normans Cay, a destination well-known on the cruisers' circuit, a beautiful yet oddly shaped island with a lot to offer including decent protection from weather.

We anchored in the cut, right where the little red 'A' is (my addition), just south of a huge shallow lagoon, parts of it dry at low tide.

I will never grow weary of looking out at neon blue water, but when I thought it couldn't get any more beautiful we took the dinghy across a cut in the flats at low tide and stopped at the little red 'B' on the chart above.

This photo makes me think two things: 1) a photo cannot touch the grandeur of this spot, the jarring layers of brilliant blue upon blue upon blue, the crystalline water begging you to throw yourself into its arms, and 2) how very fortunate we were to be on an island that can only be reached by private plane or personal boat, and, once you're there, to see this amazing spot on the island that can only be reached in a small shallow draft boat. Magical.

On our way back to the anchorage, the sand flats were exposed by low tide, offering us our own private, albeit temporary beach.

Just south of our anchorage is a tiny sand island, home to a lone palm tree and hundreds of baby conch.

A sweet, sweet spot on the planet.

Normans Cay, Exumas 24º35.494N | 76º48.709W

Our conch hunters.
A long walk to a very cool McDuff's bar.

Submerged airplane.  Photo by Remi Langlois


  1. where is that Submerged airplane ??

    1. The plane is right in the cut through Normans. In that little chart, it is just to the northeast of the 'A'.