Monday, May 2, 2011


Georgetown, Exumas 23º30.9N | 75º45.4W

Our friend John, who now lives in D.C., came for the family regatta, a four-day sailing party (see the last entry). John has long been involved in our dream of cruising, going to the boat show with us and even helping us sand toe rails at one point, so it seems fitting he is the first friend to join us along the way.

With only a five-day visit, we weren't able to sail to other islands, but that did not keep us from using the time fully.

Being parked right in front of the beach bar filled our days with boat- and people- watching, and, in one case, boatplane watching. Volleyball, snorkeling, lolling on the beach, punctuated with dinghy-of-death rides through the regatta gauntlet.

John was a near-perfect guest, taking all our boat-life oddities in stride and being game for anything from getting hosed down by dinghy spray -- repeatedly -- to sitting quietly in the cockpit watching the slow pace of life in the Bahamas.

We laughed and talked and laughed and ate and drank. We played ridiculous games like pick your favorite flag from each page of our flag book, and, a new one John taught us, name your autobiography using phrases that come up in conversation. My favorite: "One Queen Away, The Life of John Herlig."

Five days passed too quickly, so we added another one and used that one right up as well.

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