Sunday, May 8, 2011


Warderick Wells, Exumas 24º23.744N | 76º37.925W
Looking east from Warderick Wells at a very peaceful Exuma Sound.
When we were in Warderick Wells in February, I was busy hosting our onboard guests and didn't sufficiently introduce you to this spectacular place, so spectacular that we decided to return.

Warderick is park headquarters for 22 miles of protected park land in the Exumas. Visitors can anchor or take a mooring but nothing else. All the plants and animals are off limits.

The mooring field where Cara Mia rests is tucked into the protection of the northern tip of the island.

Northern tip of Warderick Wells, mooring field the arc on the left.
The craggy island, typical of the limestone islands of the Bahamas, is arid but diverse enough to indulge the need to get off the boat and do some hiking.

Or play at the blowholes.

Boys just want to have fun.
Girls too.
The highest point on the island, Booboo Hill, has been adopted by cruisers as somewhat of a graffiti wall. The park allows cruisers to leave their boat name painted on driftwood at the top of the hill, creating a monument to some, an eyesore to others. You make the call:

There are amazing reefs close enough to swim to, happy aquatic creatures lolling about, even under the boat. If there is an idyllic place to enjoy the bounty of the Exumas, this is it.

A shark and its remora hanging out under Jessie Marie.
This enormous lobster is clearly flaunting life in the 'no take' zone.
Cara Mia sleeping in a peaceful Warderick Wells.   Photo by Chip

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