Tuesday, August 23, 2011


With our heavy labor done, we've packed our bags once again for another lesson in the challenges of travel when you live on a boat.

Challenge #1: Hurricane Irene
Having lived in the Outer Banks of North Carolina for 15 years before cruising, we are well-practiced at tracking hurricanes. They are big and mean but really slow, allowing plenty of time to get out of their way. Hoping she'll make a turn away from the U.S., our plan as of today is to fly out of D.C. to New Mexico on Wednesday, which gives us 48 hours to watch Irene make her choices. The marina where Cara Mia is now would not be safe, and she's too big to be pulled out of the water there. Should a hurricane visit become imminent, we'll need a few days to move to another marina and get her secured on land, a lot of labor and expense we'd just as soon avoid.

Challenge #2: Traveling without a car
Being car-free is a wonderful thing: no car insurance, oil changes, breakdowns, flat tires, car payments. On the other hand, how do you get from a remote marina on a Virginia peninsula to D.C.? Friends! Our friend John (our Georgetown guest), who lives in D.C., volunteered to pick us up in Mathews, and drive us to Washington, four hours away. And so, the three of us, kindred spirits, went cruising on land, savoring the journey, not just the destination.

We spent a joyous evening on the town with John, one eye on the looming hurricane, feeling more certain we might be headed back to Mathews tomorrow, and NOT to New Mexico.

Even on land, we cannot be free of the whims of Mother Nature.

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