Sunday, August 7, 2011


Mobjack Bay Marina, Mathews, VA 37º25.586N | 76º24.072W

Our dock cart waiting for a ride to Enterprise.
Mathews, VA --> Gloucester, VA --> Norfolk, VA --> Bridgeville, DE

Getting off the boat for our first of many road trips this summer is starting already to prove challenging. Our country doesn't smile upon those living car-free.

First, our cities, but for the major metropolitan centers, are bereft of public transportation.

Second, we have proven time and again that if you hitchhike in our country, we will shoot you.

Third, if you don't own a car and thus have no car insurance, it is prohibitively expensive to rent a car.

The third point we learned on arriving at Enterprise to pick up our car. Until today, we were under the false impression that if we paid for a rental car with a credit card, we were covered by insurance with the credit card. WRONG. After several phone conversations with Discover, it turns out that credit cards only provide secondary insurance to your primary insurance on the car you own, if you owned one. AND, that only kicks in if you've refused all insurance coverage from the rental agency. In other words, we had been renting cars with neither primary NOR secondary insurance.

But even at $50 a day for the car, this trip was well worth the expense. We picked up our kids in Norfolk and spent a week with Chip's parents, Ted and Nancy, before we head south, Dylan goes back to school in Raleigh, and Casey goes to Paris to start her master's in French.

It's been so long since we went on a good ol' road trip with the kids. We talked and laughed and enjoyed every mile, knowing we were about to go our separate ways on the planet, not knowing when we'd triangulate together once again.

Sweet times.

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