Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Fernandina Beach, FL 30º40.301N | 81º26.087W

Picturesque downtown Fernandina Beach.

Before we even left our homeport last year, we started hearing the praises of Fernandina Beach.

We stopped by the day after Thanksgiving last year and were entirely unimpressed with the skyline:

Very NOT picturesque Fernandina from the water.
Turns out those praises were well deserved. Fortunately for us, there were no moorings available this year, so we anchored just as close, for free, and spent two days enjoying Fernandina with our friends on Jessie Marie and Majiks.

Despite the skyline -- and attending odor (paper mills) -- we loved it here, interesting locally run shops and yummy restaurants.

We were stunned to run into friends from the Outer Banks who live here now:

Sean and Hathaway.
Fernandina Beach: A+

A horseshoe crab tried to hitch a ride on our anchor chain.

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