Friday, November 11, 2011


Jekyll Island, GA 31º2.775N | 81º25.556W

Not shown in this photo: It's friggin' C O L D.
As we passed Jekyll Island on our pilgrimage south last year, we craned our necks and went back for another look. Liking what we saw, we dropped the anchor, but it wouldn't catch -- an unusual occurence. The second time it dragged was stranger still, and the third time, we got the hint and kept moving south.

This year, with the weather guessers predicting an early-season frost, we decided to take that look at Jekyll from a marina slip. The thought of a frosty dinghy ride to the boat in the dark was just not that appealing.

We biked along a very calm Atlantic, the same one that the guessers said would be a riled up mess today, and had a good look at Jekyll Island, developed in the 1800s as an exclusive winter playground for the rich.

The island shares the same vegetation as the gorgeous Cumberland Island just south of here, but much of that vegetation has been hacked away for the gilded age rich folks to build enormous houses and for more modern folks to put in a golf course.

I couldn't get motivated to take photos of rich people's houses, but here are a few by Chip:

The restaurant at our marina had a good singer/songwriter playing. He lives and plays around St. Augustine. If you're in the area, check him out: Just Dave.

Next stop: Cumberland Island

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