Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Coconut Grove, Miami, FL 25º43.533N | 80º84.321W

My most faithful readers might remember my first solution to storing spices on the boat. It looked like this:

and was stored in a locking plastic bin. It seemed like such a fabulous idea, but in practice it failed.

Zipping plastic bags are permeable. I was getting cross-alphabetical breeding so that cinnamon smelled like cloves and paprika smelled like rosemary. In addition, the cards were getting moist and bending over making the names hard to see.

We were at the Container Store (I heart that store) in Coral Gables, and Chip spotted these:

We bought a random number of them and put them in the spice drawer:

I find this fit something akin to a miracle.

Alas, these beauties are not ideal either. They aren't big enough to hold a whole spice jar and are a bit fragile around the mouth/opening. Perhaps we should invent our own nautical spice solution?

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