Saturday, April 20, 2013


Warderick Wells

It might seem strange to check back in after all this time to tell you we are back in Warderick Wells. We are tucked into the north mooring field for yet another blow, although weather guru Chris Parker predicts this will be one of the last. The glorious trade winds will be settling in allowing us to waft back up the northern Exumas and across to Andros.

Since I last wrote, we sailed to an idyllic anchorage, all alone, behind Little Hall's Pond.

Photo by Chip

We sailed to Sampson to see the sharks.

No, not an aquarium. The marina at Sampson Cay.
To Staniel to snorkel in Thunderball.

To Black Point where our pet remoras hung out below.

Photo by Chip
Black Point was not intended to be our southernmost point, but the winds have shifted south for the season, and we have no interest in beating into them. So north it is with lovely upwind breezes and following seas.

To Compass, to Cambridge and back to Warderick, brought by the wind. That fuel gauge is still in the green.

There can be no complaint about sailing in the northern Exumas, its peek-a-boo water and white sand beaches. Eventually we'll sail across to Andros to finish the season -- and tell about when there's internet.

Spa day in Warderick. Photo by Chip

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