Monday, May 6, 2013


Warderick Wells, Exumas, Bahamas
N 24º 23.736 | W 76º 37.937

Copyright 2013 Tammy Kennon
When we untied the lines in Manteo in October 2010, I left with two very large bags. One bag held all my expectations for this dream life I had been imagining for 15 years, and that bag was stuffed. Dreams by their nature are fanciful and idyllic, and my imagination was fertile, I thought. So what did I find when I crossed the abyss between dreaming and reality?

The other bag held everything I believed about myself, and, at 50 years old, I thought I knew myself pretty well. I was strong and confident. I had a successful career and business. I was good at taking on new challenges and learning new skills. So what did I learn about myself when I cast aside all the accomplishments of my first five decades and set off on a new venture?

Since we arrived in the Bahamas this year on March 17th, instead of blogging, I've been writing a book about crossing the abyss and walking around in this 3D dream, how my waking life has shaken out compared to those fanciful expectations and how my reflection in the water has compared to the one in the mirror.

As of today, I have completed the first draft of 12 of the 16 chapters.

I promise to check back in here regularly with progress reports and more photos of this continuing 3D dream.

Thank you for reading.

p.s. -- Our storm dodging has continued. We are once again in Warderick Wells and will head north when the wind turns favorable later this week. We'll check back in from Nassau in a week or so....


  1. We had been worried about the decline in your postings:) Glad to hear that you are focused on a book. That is a very acceptable excuse and we are looking forward to the finished product!
    Duane and June
    sv SeaClearly

  2. I figured you were hunkered down singing Nova Scotian ballads about mooses, or something, and drinking RumFashioneds. Guess you've been working instead. There's always tomorrow.

    1. We were Scosherless until riding into Nassau yesterday. And no way we can remember the words w/o them! And the antelope's gay!!!!! LOLOL

  3. Hello Tammy,
    We are Gordon & Bonnie from s/v Sailaway, Ft. Pierce, FL. Saw your post about sv Kajon with Debi & Joe from Lakehurst, NJ
    We are long lost cousins of Joe, trying to catch up with them. Do you know how we can reach them, or can you give them our email, We would appreciate any help you can provide.
    S/V Sailaway
    Gordon & Bonnie Verro