Thursday, August 8, 2013


Dear New Owner of Cara Mia (I know you're out there somewhere),

I hope you are having a relaxing summer, because we have been really busy getting your boat ready for cruising season. Start packing those bathing suits, your snorkel gear and a lot of good books, for soon you'll be here:

With nothing more to do than this:

You might have already seen the posts from last month at the boatyard in Deltaville. The bottom is freshly painted, the prop is coated and the topsides are shiny.

After leaving the boatyard, we then sailed Cara Mia's shiny self up to Annapolis via Solomons. Since arriving in Annapolis, we've been polishing, sanding, varnishing, cleaning. You'll be so pleased.

First, we raised eyebrows:

I somehow never got motivated to refinish them for us, but I did for you!

Chip sanded and refinished the bowsprit for you:

The companionway and combings got a fresh coat of varnish and the cockpit, a waxing -- along with everything else, including the nonskid.

We'll have her all ready for you this fall. You can just hop aboard and fly south.

We'll be so happy and so sad to wave goodbye to you and Cara Mia from the dock -- and very jealous to think where you'll be bound.

Just tell Cara Mia 'The Bahamas,' and she'll show you the way. She might also track down some of the awesome boats she knows out there and introduce you to your new friends.

In the meantime, don't be surprised if we take her out joy sailing in the Chesapeake!

Your chariot awaits.

Cheers from Annapolis,


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