Thursday, January 2, 2014


Salt Lake City to Boise, Idaho, to Yakima, Washington | 698 miles

After two days in Boise, we set out on New Year's, my birthday, ready to cross into Washington, our final destination. The forecast called for freezing fog, which we'd never heard of but soon learned about.

Even though there was no precipitation, our windshield was coated in a quarter inch of frost, the same thing that happens in my marine freezer, which is not frost free. The moisture builds up and freezes to any surface it touches. In nature, this happens to beautiful effect, coating everything in delicate, white ice, a wintry fairy land.

We passed through Idaho without seeing much beyond a 50-yard bubble of gray. The fog sank into the valleys, so when we popped onto a mountaintop, we would be graced with a sunny and clear vista. As the day progressed, the tables turned, the fog rising to the mountaintops leaving the valleys clear.

We stopped at an appropriately named diner along the Oregon Trail.

The real deal.

We then ventured, finally, into Washington and passed through the wine country, quietly tucked away and closed for New Year's. We rested for the night in a disappointing Yakima.

Today, with the sun and clouds playing hide and seek, we snaked our way across Washington and into the breathtaking Snoqualmie Pass.

At long last, after more than 3,700 miles, Seattle showed up on the horizon, and we ventured in to play.

Tomorrow, we will board a ferry and sail to Vashon Island -- after a sweet reunion with two friends from my Washington Post days, Kim and Russ, a fitting welcome to Seattle.

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