Sunday, December 29, 2013


Moab, Utah to Salt Lake City | 239 miles

Moab greeted us with 7º this morning. We pondered whether to go to Arches National Park in the frigid weather, and I'm SO GLAD we did. The desert sun didn't let the freezing air linger. By the time we went on our first hike around 10, it was in the 20s and felt even warmer. Considering the summer temperatures reach well over 100, I'll take the chill.

According to a video on the park office, this magical place was formed millions of years ago as the sea covered and then uncovered this area a couple of dozen times, leaving 5000 feet of solid salt behind. Then, rocks formed over the salt, the salt spread, erosion hacked away at the rocks, and, eventually, the salt dissolved, and the whole thing collapsed. Some of the earth sunk leaving monumental "fins" of rock sticking up.

Look at the cars at the base of that rock. The scale is hard to capture.

The crystalline snow twinkled in the sun like phosphorescence on the ocean. The crisp air kindly remained still for us. And then we saw our first arch.

It's called 'Delicate Arch,' and we skipped the extra mile hike to get closer. This view was pretty stunning. And so was the hike.

Photos usually capture a sense of place, but in this case, photos disappoint. Words fail.

There's a grand spirituality here that made me feel oh so tiny. But, curiously, at the same time I felt vital and invigorated, inspired and content.

Find the person in a red shirt.
Sometimes it's good to be reminded that our planet is awesome.

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  1. Beautiful! People who never travel to the desert regions are missing out on some breathtaking beauty.