Monday, March 21, 2011


Georgetown, Exumas 23º21.48N | 75º45.94W

Today Cara Mia flew under the Swedish flag. It was an international holiday, not by any official decree, but because eight people on four boats declared that today was Swedish Day.

Actually, I think the original idea came from Chip, who I'm pretty sure was angling for some Swedish meatballs, but once the seed was planted, it took root and took over. Given time, and liberty, fun has a tendency to do that.

We used to think the Swedish meatballs at IKEA were so good, until Martin the Viking made the real deal for us. (Strangely enough though, they do not call them Swedish meatballs.) The real, homemade version was spicy, perfectly crispy on the outside, soft and yummy on the inside. Perfect.

We gathered round bleu cheese and ginger cookies, meatballs with lingonberry sauce, herring with mustard sauce, mashed potatoes, Swedish cookies and pickled vodka -- Chip's tasty, homemade version of schnapps.

Since Anna & Håkan and Johanna & Martin already had Swedish names, the naturalized Swedes took on our own: Hanna & Knut, Inga & Blix.

We ate, laughed, listened to Swedish music and sang Swedish beer drinking songs (some of us). We looked at maps of Swedish cruising ground, we learned some Swedish words. And then the Swedes taught us to tango.

Fun has no boundaries.
A beautiful watercolor painted for us by Anna, and our mascots: a moose and a mouse. 
Swedish Key Lime pie? Thanks, Anna!


  1. Yes, isn't that funny? We mentioned you and they said they had met you in Deltaville. Hope to see you on the east coast somewhere!

  2. Just read your blog on Swedish Day. If you need a Chinese Flag for Chinese day let me know. I still have it. Tennis anyone! – Ed-Wado!

    PS - I've been reading everything. I'm needing an update. I feel like I don't know where you guys are! Help!

  3. oh! It´s so nice to see your blogg! Yes we really had a great swedish night and we want to have one more, but maybe this time in Sweden, so when are you coming?
    BIG hugs from Martin and Johanna