Saturday, March 5, 2011


Black Point, Exumas 24º6.04N | 76º24.12W

This was our first experience of a true Bahamian community and the sweet, sweet spirit of those who live in it. Where everyone, including the smallest children and sulkiest teens will greet you as you pass, where the ladies call out to you in the evening as they sit on the front porch weaving baskets, where you can walk right into the kitchen to buy their coconut bread -- and play with the grandkids while you're there.

After eight days, we will reluctantly be leaving tomorrow, headed south for Cave Cay.

Chip serenading Lorraine with the Lorraine Blues, made up on the spot.

The eastern, ruggedly beautiful side of Great Guana Cay.
Dale showing off fresh bounty from the sea.
Dale teaching Chip to do a three-strand splice.

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