Friday, April 1, 2011


Salt Pond, Long Island, Bahamas 23º16.7N | 75º6.9W

A freediver waits on the dive platform at Dean's Blue Hole.
An exotic location, death-defying action, mystery and intrigue. It's not an Indiana Jones movie, it's a sports competition.

Next week, divers are converging at Dean's Blue Hole here in Long Island for a competition, where they will attempt to set and break world records for diving as deep as possible on a single breath. And I don't mean 30 feet. We're talking hundreds of feet down -- and then back up, dives that last two, three, four minutes.

I expected to be interested in the competition. I did not expect to get bitten hard by the journalism bug. I thought I had long since developed an immunity to that particular news bug, but this story has captivated me. So I've pitched it, literally thrown it out there to see if I can sell the concept.

And so we wait.

For word. For the competition.

In paradise.

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