Saturday, April 2, 2011


Pratts Hill, Long Island, Bahamas 23º16.7N | 75º6.9W

Jessie Marie at a slightly new anchorage in Pratts Hill.
Time. Cruising's greatest gift.

Without phones or television or the hurry-up pretend world on land, there is time to wander, to wonder, to watch fish dart from under the boat, to stare at our dinghy hovering in clear water, its shadow cast on the sand far below by a full moon bright as day.

So waiting? It is a quiet pursuit not unlike our new every day. With Jessie Marie, we moved five degrees south to see a different curve of the land, a new angle on the sunset.

To feel, if only for an hour, the wind in the sails.

Onboard yoga.
A stealth dinghy delivery of shortbread. From Karen.
An evening shampoo at the hairdresser.

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