Friday, November 26, 2010


Cumberland Island, GA 30º45.924N | 81º28.364W

Anchorage at the south end of Cumberland Island.
After three nights alone on the water, we decided to mix it up on land with lots of people. Destination: St. Mary's, Georgia. Tuesday morning we sailed into the masts.

St. Mary's anchorage in the distance.
People who travel on boats have many things in common, but on holidays, the most important is that we've all left home, family and friends behind. The kind and generous folks of St. Mary's took us all under their turkey wing, more than 100 boats, and fed us, drove us to the supermarket, the laundromat, the liquor store and the library.

For Cruisers Thanksgiving dinner, they provided turkey and ham; the cruisers brought the rest.

We found some other kids on the circuit. "Kids" now means younger than 60. You've gotta love that.

Diane & Barney from England aboard Sea Gal,
Karen & Dale from Nova Scotia aboard Jessie Marie.
Anna & Hakan from Sweden aboard Unicorn.
In my long and fortunate 50 years, I have never found it hard to find things to be thankful for, but this year the list runs over. The much more difficult task will be my Christmas list, because I can't think of anything more that I need.

Thanksgiving's foggy start.

St. Mary's, GA 30º43.097N | 81º33.101W

The dinghy pile-up in St. Mary's.
Hungry cruisers wait in line.
Sun sets on St. Mary's.
Cara Mia, happy among friends.        ©2010 Tammy Kennon


  1. Beautiful pictures Tammy and I always enjoy your wonderful writing!! Safe travels as you move onto your next port!

  2. Love those photos! The masts look like pick-up sticks. And the dinghy pile-up may be my fave because of what it tells behind the picture's face.