Monday, November 29, 2010


St. Augustine, FL 29º53.153N | 81º18.319W

Unedited blue of a St. Augustine sky.     ©2010 Tammy Kennon
St. Augustine offers a lot of reasons to dawdle: the enchanting Spanish architecture, the cobblestone streets lined with palm trees, the many threads of history woven throughout town, the art galleries, the music, the restaurants. And what about the fresh bread bakery and the handmade chocolate shop(!) or the marina in the heart of downtown with mooring balls for only $20 a day.

All reason enough but not why we have chosen to stay a week here. For the last four years the focus of our lives has been disconnecting, a necessary step in following this large dream, but I guess it should come as no surprise that we have been feeling disconnected.

This is a much needed chance to reconnect with some old friends who moved away from the Outer Banks with their toddler -- now a 10-year-old.

You know the kind of friends where you can finish the sentence left hanging five years ago? The friendship that time lapses cannot weaken, a comfortable camaraderie that doesn't have to start with a background sketch or that "where are you from" question that is now so difficult to answer.

Chip, Barb, Seth and David.
Just the five of us at ease. Meandering around town. Making pizza at home. Laughing -- a lot.

St. Augustine, FL 29º53.153N | 81º18.319W

Not a painting. Real. 208 feet tall.  ©2010 Tammy Kennon
A Tiffany window at Flagler College.

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