Saturday, November 20, 2010


Wahoo River, GA 31º36.092N | 81º013.008W

The grandeur of nature rattles my senses. 
A pale yellow sun timidly struggles through clouds 
and reflects on steely gray waters. 

Surreal, endless water, 
glistening, marsh grass gold, 
explosive against the sheer artistry 
of gray on gray on gray on blue.

The sweeping and overwhelming subtlety 
makes me feel inadequate to appreciate 
what's been spread before me. 
And yet, I partake. 
I attempt to capture. 
I hack at description. 

I fail.

Nature's splendor is larger than words, 
larger than lenses 
and my tiny human effort to capture it.

I am reduced to the single moment. 
The utter silence of gray. 
The screech of gold. 
The sweet and gut-wrenching science of pink 
wrought by sun and bits of atmosphere.

Which cloud cares if I have traveled three miles 

or fifty 

or five thousand 

or none at all?

Darien River, GA 31º23.046N | 81º20.043W

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  1. I remember the Wahoo! We had shrimp scampi for dinner and then trailed a long line off the stern so we could swim in the strong current, always leaving at least one able bodied person on board!