Monday, November 22, 2010


Darien River, GA 31º23.046N | 81º20.043W

We humans love to push nature around, scraping it right down to the bedrock in order to pile up sticks and bricks and steel to cover ourselves. Then as an afterthought, we spread nature like peanut butter around the edges of our buildings, in little squares and rectangles, in pots and barrels, on porches and balconies.

We say silly things like "wildlife management" and "climate controlled."

We stand shoulder to shoulder on our steel girders, waving our arms, believing ourselves large and victorious.

This morning I opened the companionway to see this.

I was confused at why the sun looked so pale and exasperated when I realized it was sinking.

In 50 years, some 600+ times in my life, the full moon has set at sunrise and not one time, not a single time had I seen it before today.

Brickhill River, GA 30º51.832N | 81º28.368W

An eagle perched atop an ICW marker.
St. Simon Sound

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