Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Peck Lake, FL 27º06.924N | 80º08.616W

Memorial Day passed with us successfully tucked into north Lake Worth, away from the weekend revelers. Early yesterday morning, we headed north through the final gauntlet of south Florida bridges.

From the first time we came south on the ICW, we had heard Peck Lake is a great anchorage for visiting the beach, just a few hundred yards over the dunes. We tucked into the shallow water in the lake midafternoon just ahead of a nasty squall spewing rain. Chip dropped the anchor between downpours.

No beach day yesterday, but who's in a hurry?

After having a quick look at the beach, we designated today our beach day. Despite the fact that we've been so close to the ocean the last few months, we haven't had a single beach day.

Look at that gorgeous, sprawling beach with NO houses. We had it completely to ourselves all morning except for two runners passing by.

The most comfortable beach chair I've ever had!
Gazing at that flat-calm sea all morning got us jonesing to head offshore, which we briefly entertained. Unfortunately the weather is terribly unsettled right now, squally with storm cells developing late afternoon and during the night. Pairing that with inconsistent wind, which would probably mean motoring anyway, we've decided to keep heading north up the ICW, dodging thunderstorms. Next decision point: Ponce Inlet, three days north.

Jazz toes.

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