Tuesday, May 15, 2012


From New Mexico

My Aunt Hazel here in New Mexico asked me the other day if we had a way of covering up our household belongings when it rained. I guess she thinks we live on a Tom Sawyer raft, but that's my fault, isn't it? I clearly haven't done a good job of describing our boat or living quarters.

Yesterday my sister brought over a jigsaw puzzle, and everyone was surprised to hear that I do puzzles onboard. "You have enough room to do a puzzle???"

Well, bad for me.

Here's some proof, if not flattering proof, that we can do puzzles onboard:

Puzzling on Bell Island with Karen & Dale from Jessie Marie.
We can entertain guests:

Our kids with Chip's parents, Nancy & Ted.
They're being affectionate, not crowded.

We have entertained as many as eight guests below (in the living room/kitchen) without feeling too cozy.

We have room to make our guests do chores:

Remi & Casey doing chores in the Exumas.
We have a full kitchen where we can both work at the same time:

This is an old photo. I promise another one soon.
Three burner stove, double sink, big refrigerator and freezer.

We have a beautiful bedroom with a queen-size bed:

We have a complete bathroom with sink, toilet and shower, and another bedroom with a queen-size bed -- and it is all covered by a roof!

I realize that by land standards, this is very tight quarters, but for a cruising sailboat, it is quite spacious.

And our backyard is spectacular.


  1. Backyard IS spectacular. And so are you guys. And so are my quarters, the aft(er) berth.

  2. je dirais même que c'est le meilleur endroit pour faire des puzzles.

  3. Thanks for sharing, we have not yet been aboard and seeing the interior is the best part of a boat! NICE cabin, love the walk around bed!! xox

    1. You gotta git yerself over to Cara Mia! I'll be home on Tuesday.

  4. Definitely the best part is the backyard. And unlike you land counterparts, the scenery can change!